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Almost Free Gifts
October 17, 2008, 5:06 pm
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Here’s a great idea that can save you some money for the people on your Christmas list this year.

When you’re shopping for your usual products and items, keep an eye out for special deals such as Buy One, Get one Free, Or get this item FREE after a purchase. Some places also give cash back rewards after certain purchases.

Now, where can you find these deals. Start online. Search “Buy one, get one Free ___!” Magazine Subscriptions offer such deals as well.

Keep an eye out for newspaper and magazine ads for specials. Many department stores have a FREE gift offer at their cosmetic section if you buy a certain value of products.  I like it how stores like Anchor Blue and Rue 21 offer reward bucks back good for your next purchase. 

Talking about bucks, try shopping at CVS and getting a CVS card. Every week, they have specials that you can get items that have reward bucks good for your next purchase. Some items even end up free. And the cool things is that they also accept coupons too. Other stores that do the same progrmas include Rite Aid and Walgreens.

~kristine cruz-munda


Outlet shopping Tips
August 18, 2008, 11:47 pm
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Outlet shopping can be very fun, but it can be overwhelmed as well.  You can easily get distracted and go out of budget. Here are a few tips on making your next outlet shopping be worth the trip.

for the frugal mommy from Las Vegas

1. Set a spending limit per store. Nothing can ruin a shopping trip like going home and feel completely guilty about your purchase.

2. Practice percentages in your head. You can use this to compute discounts that will be taken off at the register

3. Set a price limit per item. For example, if you put a $15 max limit per shirt, if you find one for $16.99, stick to your plan and pass it up?

4. Try clothes on first before you buy it.  You’ll regret it once you get home if you don’t.

5. Bring coupons with you. Or, you can stop by the information desk and ask for specials and possibly a coupon book.

6. Park on one side of the outlet and go through the outlet as much as you can and come back to your car. You can drop off your bags and find a closer parking spot from where you left off.

7. Check your receipts. Make sure you were charged appropriately per item.

8. Bring a snack and a bottled drink. Outlet foods can be pricey.

9. Be sure of the sizes and preferences of the people you’re buying for. You wouldn’t want to buy an item to come to find out that the person won’t fit that item or dislikes that color.

10. Don’t buy the first thing you find.  Scout around for the best deal before you purchase an item. 

11. Finally, if you have doubts about the item you are purchasing, then don’t buy it. Following your instincts can save you lots of money.

~kristine cruz-munda

Personalized Gifts
August 9, 2008, 4:43 pm
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Here are a couple of cool unique presents, or even just for your own collections. You can go to the following websites and make personalized items. I think it’s so awesome that you can now do these on your own!

1. My MMs-– This one is what I’ve seen around the longest. People have been using them for party favors using the dates and names of he event. Just today, I saw an add saying you can even put your picture on it. How cool is that?

2. My Fruit Rollups-There are preloaded images available for you to pick and choose from. Then you can personalize the sentiment on the roll up for your special occasion.

3. My Jones Soda- I’ve always been a fan of their soda. It’s very unique how each label is a photo submission from a fan. Now you can order you own 12 packs case with your photo on the label. Yay!

4. Kellog’s Cereal Box- How come I haven’t seen this before? I think this is the most genius way to make your kids not skip breakfast? Imagine, your face in a cereal box, next to Tony the Tiger!

5. Shutterfly Photo Adventure book- There are many websites offering services to personalize a storybook with your child’s info in it. I like Shutterfly’s version better because you can also include the face of the child in the story.

6. Cafepress- I love Cafepress! It’s an oldie but goodie. You can always find something for every topic. Or if you want something specific, make a design of your own!

~kristine cruz-munda

2008 Christmas Gift Ideas
July 20, 2008, 6:47 am
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The other day, I saw a flier that said “Christmas in July Sale!” Then I realized, there’s only five months left till Christmas. We better start planning on gifts this year.  Have you? If you need some ideas, here are a few tips on scoring the best value for your money.

1)  Use company discounts to establishments your work may give you. Some may have discount movie tickets, discount to retailers, themeparks, etc. 

2) Use coupons and rebates. Aside from saving using coupons, you can even get free stuff if you use rebates and cashback offers.

3) Use credit card rewards for presents. Rewards vary from Starbucks cards to Macy’s Gift cards to hotel gift cards. 

4) Use search engines for coupon codes before checkout at online stores. You can save either on your total purchase or you shipping.

5) Subscribe to money saving websites for current listings of sales and special deals. Try Babycheapskate or Freebies4Mom.

June 12, 2008, 9:11 am
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Here are a few ideas on what to give your father this Father’s Day.

1. Remake his favorite meal from a restaurant at home.

2. Take out his car and fill it up with gas

3. Get some car maintenance done for him (get the tires rotated, get an oil change, get the car detailed, etc.)

4. Make a youtube playlist of all his favorite songs and music videos.

5. Give him a box of refills for his razors.

6. Put some favorite family photos in his phone memory card.

7. Give him a shopping spree to his favorite hardware store or electronics store.

8. Buy his favorite Meat and dessert.

9. Join him in his hobby.  If he likes bowling, golf or swimming, go with him.

10. TIVO his favorite TV shows for him.

11. Make him a card and write out a personalized message.

Hope these were helpful.   Fathers deserve much appreciation for the things they do for our families. Your present need not be fancy or expensive, just spend time with your father and enjoy each other’s company. He’d love that!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
April 30, 2008, 11:04 pm
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Mother’s Day is coming up, what an awesome day to celebrate our beloved Moms together in one day. I’ve listed ideas below for affordable Mother’s Day presents for your mom.

$15 and under Gift ideas

1. A bunch of flowers- you can get a nice bunch from local grocery stores like Vons, Ralphs or even at Costco and Home Depot.

2. A bag of her favorite cookies/candy- Find out her favorite type and flavor. You can find them already wrapped for gift giving.  If not, make sure you put a nice bow on it.

3. A beautiful card and balloons- You can make your own card or put a picture in it to make it extra special.

4. A calendar or a gift book- A nice calendar of her favorite things is a great present. You can also get gift books at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

5. Stationery or a notepad- Beautiful paper sets are always available at either the stationery aisle of your local gift shops or stores.

$25 Gift Ideas

1. An orchid plant- Trader Joe’s carry beautiful orchids at affordable prices

2. A manicure or pedicure- There are plenty of Nail Spas available you can choose from locally.

3. Cellphone accessories (if she has a phone)- You can buy anything from cellphone charms to cellphone cases to help dress up her phone.

4. Candles- Everyone loves candles.  Make sure you find out her favorite kind.

5. Sterling Jewelry- Many beautiful sterling jewelry is available at this price range.

$50 to $100 Gift Ideas

1. Bath Kits- Bath Gift Sets relieve stress.  Don’t forget to ask what her favorite scent so you can pick the right one.

2. Floral Bouquets- Many florists offer beautiful bouquets at this price.

3. Food Basket- There are many options available for baskets ranging from cookie baskets to fruit baskets. There’s something for every mom out there.

4. A Facial or Massage- Give the gift the relaxation to your special mom. She will appreciate the pampering.

5. Restaurant Gift Certificate- This is a perfect gift to give your mom time off from cooking and cleaning the dishes for at least one meal.  She’ll love the night out as well

~kristine cruz-munda

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids
February 8, 2008, 4:16 am
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Valentine’s Day is very fun for kids! It’s a day they can let their friends, teachers and family know how special they are. The following are simple Gift Ideas kids can make from home.

1. Hershey Kisses Flower Buds
2. Valentine Mobile or Hanging
3. Bookmarks or Cards
4. Cookies or other sweets
5. Valentine Card carrier or mailbox
6. Valentine Puzzles
7. Felt Fabric Pillow
8. Pencil Topper
9. Note card Set or Stationery Set
10. Tea Bags

~kristine cruz-munda